The Idea

“I’m a traveller, not a tourist!”… Anti-Tourism Tours is London’s first anti-tourism tours provider for real travellers. We are an organised group of local people who are passionate about their boroughs and would love to share their knowledge with non-locals. Our mission is to show travellers the most hidden and cool spots in London. We like small groups and hate tour guides paid a commission to make us feel like a herd of sheep. Our dream is that every traveller feels at home wherever they go, and learn about the genuine places where locals hang out. We aim to show you the best (and the not so good) of London. We don’t read off a script about historical ‘facts & amp;lies’. With us you will have the chance to know friendly London locals and walk through the city at your pace: there is no timekeeping; that means you can take your time without rushing. We seek to constantly innovate and find new points of interest that we can share with our community of travellers. This is why the same route is never made twice! Please, do feel free to meet as many people as you want and finish the tour feeling like you have been living here since ever! Anti-Tourism Tours strives to promote social cohesion and so only gets locals to show you around – sorry, we don’t take mercenaries on board. We hope you will love London as much as we do! Take this opportunity, it’s yours!

The Team



Ed at Camden Town

Ed at Camden Town

Ed is an enthusiastic, personable and passionate individual. He picks up and develops new skills very easily, and enjoys busy environments. After graduating in Music and Drama, Ed moved to London to begin his professional life as an actor, although he had been living with his family in London way before. Having participating in a number of artistic productions, Ed dedicates some of his spare time to tour design. Ed has travelled and lived in a number of countries. However, as he says, “London is the most interesting places in the world, because of its culture both current and historical’. Due to his innate charisma and friendliness, a walk with Ed is always a unique and unforgettable experience, which makes travellers cry for more.



Tom at Camden Town

Tom at Camden Town

Tom is our Japanese speaker and it is him who makes the bridge between London and Far East Asia. He’s unconditional love for his hometown is what makes him the perfect guide. After having spent a year in Sapporo, he is now very much happy to be back home and to show his favourite hidden spots around Camden. Tom is very passionate about what we do at Anti- Tourism Tour, and he always draws interesting and almost unpredictable parallels between different cultures. Tom is in charge of establishing sound partnerships with our lovely partners.




Andre Anti Tourism Tours


Andre fell in love with London since he first arrived. Despite Andre’s background in Economics (probably the dullest of the group), his interest lies on travelling. Andre has been travelling since ever; first within Portugal, and then, once he was 18, he started exploring the world. First Europe, then Asia. And back to Europe again. It comes with no surprise that he is a member of the Couch Surfing community, as well as of Geocaching. Andre also used to belong to the international student’s organization AIESEC. Apart from currently working as a Research Analyst, Andre enjoys riding through London to find about those mysterious places one never notices at first. He has been living in London for two years and is originally from Portugal.

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